Coffee Shop

Rothko’s work always demands presence, patience, a kind of meditative depth that finally makes you forget your own ego after the exhausting day you’ve had of feeling like you don’t measure up. 

I’m at a coffee shop in Lenexa taking my day off to read and study and write and I just met this guy who is a walking embodiment of Kansas City millennials and the culture (he “social medias” about the brands that he wears and obviously spends a great deal of time thinking about how to express who he is in the things that he buys and the coffee he drinks.) So I just look up from my computer and ask him a question and he just starts pouring everything out.

He said “I feel like I’m in a place where I’m completely alone and coffee has been such a lifeline,” and then he said “coffee people have been there for me because I just went through a divorce and I just feel alone” and my heart broke for this dude. And so I got to talk to him for a couple minutes and give him my info and just say, “Man, when you’re lonely again hit me up. I’m a complete stranger but the way God has made things is that we weren’t meant to be alone.”

Take your headphones out sometimes. Smile at someone and ask them a question. People are hurting. Be present.